Shortcuts to e-services

Public participation

  1. Signup on voter initiatives
  2. Information on initiatives already submitted and number of signatures
  3. Application to the State Labor Inspectorate
  4. Application to the Health Inspectorate

Taxes, customs, payments

  1. Paying Immovable property tax
  2. Making customs payments online
  3. Check and payment of Administrative penalties


  1. Apply for maintenance allowance
  2. Childbirth allowance
  3. Maternity allowance 
  4. Family allowance
  5. Childcare allowance
  6. Paternity allowance

Residence declaration

  1. Declaration or designation of residence
  2. Check the residence declaration (My Data in the Register of Natural Persons)
  3. Persons declared in my property
  4. Checking whether person is declared at the indicated address

Social insurance

  1. Application for social security benefit
  2. Application for sickness benefit (certificate B)
  3. Application for unemployment benefit
  4. Application for funeral allowance
  5. The extraordinary allowance for the deceased’s spouse
  6. Voluntary accession to social insuarance
  7. Application for recalculating the old-age pension in relation to accrued pension capital
  8. Change of fund manager or plan
  9. Information about the pension / allowance / indemnity sent for pay-out


  1. Application for sickness benefit (certificate B)
  2. Temporary incapacity for work
  3. European Health Insurance Card (EVAK)
  4. My e-prescriptions
  5. Registration to family physician

My data

  1. My Data in the Register of Natural Persons
  2. My data in the State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability
  3. My Biometric data
  4. Information of a pet in Pet Register
  5. My Data in Educational Registers
  6. Judgments regarding me in the Prosecution Office
  7. My Medical Basic Data
  8. My electricity discounts

Life abroad and travel

  1. Reference requirement from Latvia
  2. Registration in the Consular Register

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  2. External e-services (links to services outside)