Shortcuts to e-services

Public participation

  1. Signup on voter initiatives
  2. Information on initiatives already submitted and number of signatures
  3. Submission of a proposal, complaint, question or request
  4. Application to the State Labor Inspectorate
  5. Application to the Health Inspectorate

Taxes, customs, payments

  1. Paying Immovable property tax
  2. Making customs payments online
  3. Check and payment of Administrative penalties


  1. Apply for maintenance allowance
  2. Childbirth allowance
  3. Maternity allowance 
  4. Family allowance
  5. Childcare allowance
  6. Paternity allowance

Residence declaration

  1. Declaration or designation of residence
  2. Check the residence declaration (My Data in the Register of Natural Persons)
  3. Persons declared in my property
  4. Checking whether person is declared at the indicated address

Social insurance

  1. Application for social security benefit
  2. Application for sickness benefit (certificate B)
  3. Application for unemployment benefit
  4. Application for funeral allowance
  5. The extraordinary allowance for the deceased’s spouse
  6. Voluntary accession to social insuarance
  7. Application for recalculating the old-age pension in relation to accrued pension capital
  8. Change of fund manager or plan
  9. Information about the pension / allowance / indemnity sent for pay-out


  1. Application for sickness benefit (certificate B)
  2. Temporary incapacity for work
  3. European Health Insurance Card (EVAK)
  4. My e-prescriptions
  5. Registration to family physician
  6. Refers for physician consultation
  7. Appointments for medical services

My data

  1. My Data in the Register of Natural Persons
  2. My data in the Cadaster
  3. My data in the State Medical Commission for the Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability
  4. My Biometric data
  5. Information of a pet in Pet Register
  6. My Data in Educational Registers
  7. My Visual Diagnostic data
  8. Judgments regarding me in the Prosecution Office
  9. My Medical Basic Data
  10. The results of my medical services
  11. My medical examinations
  12. My electricity discounts

Life abroad and travel

  1. Reference requirement from Latvia
  2. Registration in the Consular Register


  1. Application for inheritance of capital accumulated in the 2nd pension pillar
  2. Information about the social insurance contributions
  3. Information about the estimated amount of an old-age pension
  4. State funded pension scheme (2nd pension level) participant’s account statement
  5. Information about the registered seniority (till the year 1996)
  6. Selection of investment plan
  7. Information about the pension capital

Enterprise Register

  1. Company registration and liquidation
  2. Reference requirement from Enterprise Register


  1. Certificate about birth or a reference from the Birth Register
  2. Certificate about marriage or a reference from the Marriage Register
  3. Certificate about death or a reference from Register about death

Disabled people

  1. Application for disability examination
  2. Application for dispute of disability examination decision
  3. Application for granting an invalidity pension
  4. Allowance to compensate Transport expenses
  5. Disabled Child Care benefit
  6. Benefit for a Disabled person in need of care


  1. Registration of ownership of pet
  2. Information of a pet in Pet Register
  3. Registration of death of pet
  4. Registration of the disappearance or finding of pet
  5. Registration of holding address of pet
  6. Registration of change of pet holder


  1. Border lanes special passes
  2. Registration of weapons, permissions, licenses
  3. Permission for physicians to access Medical data


  1. E-application for studies in basic study programs (during summer only)
  2. Statistics on study applications (during summer only)

Other e-services

  1. Checking whether a person is included in the Population register and whether there is no information about the person’s death

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