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Certification of psychologists
Selected Organization: Izglītības kvalitātes valsts dienests
Brief description:
Right to perform an independent psychologist's professional
activity is attested by registration in the Register of Psychologists and by a psychologist's certification in at least one of the 6 fields of professional activity: education and school psychology, psychology of work and organisations, clinical and health psychology, legal psychology, consultative psychology, military psychology.
An examination shall be completed for the first acquisition of a psychologist's certificate. In order to sort a psychologist's certification test, there are:
be registered in the Register of Psychologists;
the professional activity of a psychologist must have been performed under the supervision of a psychologist-supervisor in the field of professional activity of a psychologist for at least one year with a working load of at least 500 hours a year (until application for certification);
the monitoring of a person by a psychologist-monitor (not less than 25 academic hours per year individually or at least 50 academic hours per year if monitoring is carried out in the group) must be performed;
payment for sorting the test must be made.
Maximum period (in working days):
A person shall receive an invitation to a certification examination not later than two weeks before the date of the certification examination.
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