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Registration/re-registration of medical establishments
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A medical treatment institution is entitled to provide medicated services if it has been registered in the Register of Medical Institutions and conforms to the mandatory requirements. The Health Inspectorate shall evaluate the conformity of the medical treatment institution with the mandatory requirements and take a decision regarding the registration of the medical treatment institution
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Decisions issued by national authorities in Latvia may be contested in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Law.
In accordance with the by-law of the Health Inspectorate, the decisions and actual action of the officials of the Inspectorate may be contested by submitting a relevant submission to the Head of Inspectorate (Klimans Street 7, Riga, LV-1012)

In addition to challenging decisions, foreign operators have the possibility to use alternative dispute settlement mechanisms (
The medical treatment institution may be removed from the register if it fails to satisfy the requirements laid down in the Official Statistics Law and of the current year to March 1 shall be submitted to the Centre of Health Economics a report on the medical treatment institution's activities during the previous year (end 17. 1).
Laws and regulations
Noteikumi par ārstniecības iestāžu reģistru
(Ministru kabinets; noteikumi; 170; 3/16/2005)
Ārstniecības likums
(Saeima; likumi; 0; 10/1/1997)
Veselības inspekcijas nolikums
(Ministru kabinets; noteikumi; 309; 7/12/2019)
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