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Re-certification of medical practitioners
Selected Organization: Latvijas Ārstniecības Personu Profesionālo Organizāciju Savienība
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Re-certification shall be performed in the basic speciality or medicinal or diagnostic method, which is specified in the classification of medicinal products and diagnostic methods included in the regulatory enactments regarding the procedures for the establishment, replenishment and maintenance of the register of medical practitioners and medical practitioners. Re-certification shall be the granting of a certificate in accordance with the procedures specified without taking a certification examination. The re-certification of medical practitioners shall be performed by the Certification Commission of Professional Associations approved by the Certification Board of the Latvian Medical Personal Organisations Union.
Certified medical practitioners: assistant doctor, physiotherapist, ergotherapist, audiologopic, technical orthopae, arts therapist, nutritionist, podologist, beautician, masseman, radiologist's assistant, radiographer, laboratory specialist, dental technician, beauty specialist in cosmetology and certified medical support logists - the food.
A medical practitioner, not later than three months before the expiry of the term of validity of the certificate, shall submit an application and re-certification documents to the certification body or the certification commission.


According to the “Act of 25 April 2020 on the Functioning of the Institutions in Emergency with regard to the Covid-19 spread” ( of 25 April 2020, Article 28 of which provides that “In order to avoid the effects of an emergency situation” the term of the registration in force of medical practitioners and medical treatment support persons, the term of the registration in force of all medical practitioners and medical treatment support persons or the certificate in force shall be extended by six months. '
In the light of this, the validity of all certificates currently in force (irrespective of their date of issue) is extended by 6 (six) months.

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