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Register services of pharmacists and pharmacist assistants
Selected Organization: Latvijas Farmaceitu biedrība
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A pharmacist and pharmacist's assistant who works in a pharmacy shall register with the Latvian Pharmacist Society.
The Latvian Pharmacist Association shall register pharmacists and pharmacist assistants and shall ensure that registered pharmacists and pharmacist assistants issue a registration certificate and registration certificate-brooch.
More information is available on the website of the Latvian Pharmacist Society:
Pharmacists and pharmacist assistants
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Redress options
The decisions of the Latvian Pharmacist Association may be contested by submitting an application to the Board of Governors of the Latvian Pharmacist Society. The final decision of the Latvian Pharmacist Society may be appealed to the court.
Laws and regulations
Farmācijas likums
(Saeima; likumi; 5/8/1997)
Farmaceitu un farmaceitu asistentu reģistrēšanas kārtība
(Ministru kabinets; noteikumi; 454; 5/2/2004)
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Latvijas Farmaceitu biedrība
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