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Allowance for compensating transport costs for disabled persons
Selected Organization: Valsts sociālās apdrošināšanas aģentūra
Brief description:
The allowance shall be paid to a person who has a disability determined for himself or the child of which and an opinion of the State Commission of Health and Health Examiner Doctors regarding the medical indications for special adaptation of the passenger car and receipt of the allowance for reimbursement of transport expenses has been issued.
If the allowance is requested for a child to whom the disabled person has been determined, it shall be granted to one of the parents, guardian or person who actually raises the child, including a foster family, if the child has been transferred for a period longer than six months.
Maximum period (in working days):
A decision on the granting of a benefit to the SAA shall be taken within one month of receipt of the application and the documents attached thereto.
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Redress options
Appeal possibilities (administrative procedure)
SSIA employees of administrative acts or actual action may be disputed within one month from the date of entry into force of the administrative act by submitting an application to the SSIA Director.
The decision of the Director of the SSIA may be appealed to the district administrative court within one month from the date of entry into force.
The authorised person must present a personal identification document (passport or ID card) and a mandate when requesting or receiving the service in person.
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