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Social rehabilitation service in rural areas (Liepaja City Council Social Service)
Selected Organization: Liepājas pilsētas pašvaldības administrācija
Brief description:
Service enables you to Liepaja city declared persons with disabilities to stay and receive rehabilitation in a rural environment, learn and improve ongoing functional skills and to integrate into society.

Person of legal age, disability services which are entitled to receive up to 100 hours per calendar year.
Maximum period (in working days):
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Redress options
According to the Law on Administrative Procedure. the second paragraph of Article 76, first subparagraph of Article 77 and the first subparagraph of Article 79.
Laws and regulations
Par Liepājas pilsētas pašvaldības sociālajiem pakalpojumiem
(Liepājas pilsētas dome; saistošie noteikumi; 2; 3/11/2010)
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Liepājas pilsētas pašvaldības administrācija
Contact details: Rožu iela 6, Liepāja LV-3401
Information about service restored: 04.08.2022