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Decision on the status of the novel food
Selected Organization: Pārtikas un veterinārais dienests
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Food business operators who intend to place a novel food on the European Union market must check whether the food falls within the scope of the new food regulation. If the operator is not convinced of the status of the product, he or she may apply for assistance to the competent authority of the Member State in which he intends to first place the novel food on the market (in Latvia - Food and Veterinary Service). In order to obtain a decision of the PVD on the status of the novel food, operators must submit certain information on the product - an advisory request.
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One month from the date of entry into force of the Ministry of Agriculture, it may be contested.

Decisions issued by national authorities in Latvia may be contested, in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Law - In addition to challenging decisions, foreign operators have the possibility to use an alternative dispute settlement mechanism for SOLVIT -
A novel food is any food that has not been used to a significant extent in the EU for human consumption before 15.05.1997, regardless of the date on which the Member State acceded to the EU. Information on the products evaluated is published on the EC website in the New Food Catalogue.
Only authorised and EU-listed novel foods may be placed on the EU market or used in or on food under the conditions of use specified therein and labelling requirements.
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