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Certificate for the evaluation, monitoring, artificial insemination, ova and embryo transplantation of livestock
Selected Organization: Lauksaimniecības datu centrs
Brief description:
Natural persons wishing to start providing the service (s) for the evaluation, performance testing and monitoring of livestock, artificial insemination, ova and embryos transplantation must obtain a certificate.
A natural person
Must be: Higher education in agriculture (animal husbandry specialist) or veterinary medicine (veterinary qualification) or higher education in agriculture (farm and horticulture specialist) with a trained course in beekeeping, if the person applies for a certificate in the evaluation of honeybees
Requirements of Cabinet Regulations 116:
Point 7.1 - requirements for an expert on the evaluation of agricultural animals;
Point 7.2 - requirements for the farm animal monitor;
Point 7.3 - requirements for a technician for artificial insemination of livestock.
Maximum period (in working days):
The certificate shall be awarded by decision of the commission after the passing of the certification examination.
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