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Submission of information on available organic seed and propagating material
Selected Organization: Valsts augu aizsardzības dienests
Brief description:
In organic farming, seed and vegetative propagating material not produced by the organic production method shall be permitted if seed of biological origin and vegetative propagating material are not available.
In order to help farmers find organic seed and vegetative propagating material, each Member State of the European Union shall ensure the establishment of an electronic database indicating the varieties for which organically grown seed and vegetative propagating material are available on the national market.
In Latvia, such data shall be available in the State Plant Protection Service information system database in accordance with the information submitted by producers/processors/importers of seed and vegetative propagating material regarding seed of biological origin and vegetative propagating material offered for sale.
Any person
A person registered in the Register of Seed Growers and Seed Traders and included in the control system for organic farming and who:
• produce, prepare or import from a third country organic agricultural products (seed and vegetative propagating material) for sale
• sells the following products:
Deadline for the submission of information
For seed and seed potatoes:
• for vegetables – January 20
• cereals, fodder plants, beets, oil plants, fibre plants (excluding winter forms) – 5 February
• for potatoes - April 5
• Sunflower forms for fodder, oil plants - July 20
• for winter cereals – 5 September
For vegetative propagating material for other species:
• strawberries, rhubarb, asparagus for farming in the open field – April 5 and July 20
• Other open-field vegetables – April 5 and September 15
• fruit trees and breast-beds – 5 April and 5 September

Date of receipt of the service - within five working days
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Redress options
The decision may be contested to the Director of the State Plant Protection Service within one month from the date of notification of the decision, address: Great Name Street 36, Riga, LV-1006, or e-mail:
• seed material of biological origin must be certified in accordance with the regulatory enactments regarding growing and marketing of seed and comply with the requirements of organic farming
• if the available quantity of seed or vegetative propagating material changes, the person shall, within one working day, inform the State Plant Protection Service in writing thereof, which shall update the information in the State information system for the monitoring of crops within a period of three working days after receipt of the information
If all the necessary information has not been specified in the submission, the State Plant Protection Service shall request in writing to make adjustments, which shall be performed within ten working days
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