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Registration and recognition of an animal feed facility
Selected Organization: Pārtikas un veterinārais dienests
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All objects involved in any stage of the movement of animal feed, from primary production to placing on the market (including), catering for animals used in food production, importing and exporting feed from and to third countries, shall be subject to supervision by the Food and Veterinary Service. For the purposes of entering into the circulation of animal feed, the facility must be registered in the register of surveillance facilities for the PVD and the approval process must be carried out by the undertakings subject to recognition.
Individual, Private law legal persons
Directive 2006/123/EC service
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1. solis / Service requests
The application for registration or recognition of an undertaking shall be submitted to the territorial unit of the PVA.


1) an application for registration of the object of the person involved in the circulation of feed and the annexes thereof.

An application may also be submitted by e-mail, signed with an e-signature.

Documents may also be submitted using the institution's e-address.

The amount of the national fee for registration (without verification) of the company is EUR 2,85. The fees for checks required for registration of an undertaking and the fee for recognition are set out in the price list (see below).
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