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Registration or recognition of a food undertaking
Selected Organization: Pārtikas un veterinārais dienests
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Any company wishing to engage in the food chain must be registered with the Food and Veterinary Service (PVD). All establishments and facilities subject to the supervision of the PVD involved in any phase of the food chain - primary production, procurement, first processing, processing, manufacturing, packaging, storage, distribution, transport, transfer across the national borders, wholesale and retail trade, etc. public catering. The holding and marketing of live fish at retail locations may take place if the food distribution company is registered in accordance with the procedures specified in the PVD and meets all the requirements.
Individual, Private law legal persons
Service of Directive 2006/123/EC.
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Within one month for the Director-General of the PVD.

Decisions issued by national authorities in Latvia may be contested, in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Law - In addition to challenging decisions, foreign operators have the possibility to use an alternative dispute settlement mechanism for SOLVIT -
In order to take action in the food chain, an establishment or an object must be registered in the register of surveillance facilities of the PVD and the approval process must be carried out by the undertakings subject to recognition. The registration of a food company shall take place within 5 working days and the recognition shall take place within 60 calendar days.
Administrative penalty for involvement in the food chain without registration or recognition of an undertaking to natural persons between EUR 70 and EUR 350, confiscating or without confiscation, and for legal persons EUR 400 to EUR 700, confiscating or without confiscation.
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