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Chemical examination - examination of vegetable origin object
Selected Organization: Valsts tiesu ekspertīžu birojs
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Plant taxonomic proprietary discovery and plants, plant products (wood, paper, tobacco, etc.).

In addition to the price shall be added to the charge of the expert opinion and expertise to the requester of the object sending the mail, if it is specified as the preferred mode of receipt.

Service is provided on the basis of a decision regarding the determination of an expert-examination of the criminal proceedings, administrative proceedings, the administrative violation matter or civil law, or after the submission of a person. Inspections carried out in criminal proceedings and administrative proceedings shall not apply to the paid service pricing.
Individual, Any person, Legal persons governed by public law, Private law legal persons
Seeds and mushroom mycelium research - 75 working days.
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Payment for  service step: A service charge
Payment for  service step: A service charge
Presence (POS) payment card, Prepayment differently (bank online, Latvian Post)
Pakalpojuma izpilde tiks uzsākta pēc samaksas saņemšanas. Ja objektu skaits pārsniedz noteikto mērvienību skaitu, tad attiecīgajai cenai piemēro koeficientu 0,6 par katru mērvienību, kas pārsniedz noteikto mērvienību skaitu.
Service Price Lists
Service Price Lists