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Submission of a notified agreement of market participants
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Market participants prior to entering into an agreement can be submitted to the Competition Council notice regarding an agreement if its purpose or effect may restrict, impede or distort competition within the territory of Latvia.
The announcement may not lodge, where an agreement is permitted in accordance with the general or sectoral principles.
In the examination of the notification to the Competition Council may decide on an agreement with the conditions of authorisation, authorisation or restriction.
The authorization may be granted for a specific time period.
Private law legal persons
Recipients of services is a legal person - the participants
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Redress options
The decision may be appealed to the Administrative District Court within one month from the date of entry into force
If the Competition Council determines that the aim or consequence, hinder or distort competition, which is not subject to an agreement has not been adopted by the exceptions provided for by decision of the Competition Council regarding agreement with the conditions of authorization or authorization
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