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Authorisation for the import, export and transit of psychotropic, narcotic medicinal products/substances, as well as precursors, and for use for medical and veterinary scientific purposes, for industrial use (excluding pharmaceutical use)
Selected Organization: Zāļu valsts aģentūra
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In order to obtain an authorisation for the introduction, export, transit, use of psychotropic, narcotic drugs/substances as well as precursors for medical purposes, and
for veterinary medical scientific studies, for the determination or training of physical and chemical properties, for use in industry (except for use for pharmaceutical purposes), a merchant or a person authorised by a merchant shall submit an application to the State Agency of Medicines (ZVA) for the receipt of a permit and the documentation to be appended thereto
Legal persons governed by public law, Private law legal persons
30 days
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Zāļu valsts aģentūra Submission of the quarterly report of the authorisation holder on the purchase, use, disposal and loss of plants, substances and medicinal products included in lists I, II and III