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The settlement manttisko assistance and protection of an inheritance (Aluksne Municipality Self-government)
Selected Organization: Alūksnes novada pašvaldība
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The Orphan's Court:
- provide assistance to the heir apparent, if the heir intends to make use of the inventory right (to draw up an inventory of inheritance) and a court or a notary has assigned the Orphan's court the drawing up of the inventory of inheritance;
- after the deceased's death, in the absence of the dead man's heir, ensures the guarding of property will rent - sealing, characterisation, evaluation and deposit, waiting for the Court's decision on trusteeship entirety of property of an estate;
- After the inventorying of property an Orphan's Court property shall be deposited with the trustee for a signature;
- issue a replacement trustee of the Harmonized Commodity Description Act.
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(Saeima; likumi; 1/1/2007)
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