Transfer of a Design to Other Persons
Selected Organization: Latvijas Republikas Patentu valde
Brief description:
The owner of a design may transfer the ownership rights to the design to another person together with the undertaking or a part thereof that uses such design, or independently from such undertaking.
Any person
The owner of a design or the representative.
Maximum period (in working days):
If the application complies with the requirements of the Design Law and a fee for the service has been paid, the average duration registration procedure shall be five working days.
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
Payment for  service step: Submission of the application
Payment for  service step: Submission of the application
Regulatory enactments:
Patentu valdes maksas pakalpojumu cenrādis
Rūpnieciskā īpašuma apelācijas padomes maksas pakalpojumu cenrādis
Designers - individual authors who are design applicants - pay 40% of the respective fees. Designers - pupils, students, pensioners and persons who have been assigned a disability group I or II, who are design applicants, pay 20% of the respective fees.
Presence (POS) payment card, Prepayment differently (bank online, Latvian Post)
Mandatory Name of the position Unit Vienības cena bez PVN PVN The unit price VAT included
Registration of a transfer of design rights or of a license contract Number of 40,00 EUR 0,00 EUR 40,00 EUR
Service Price Lists
Service Price Lists
Fees for legal protection of industrial designs