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Individual dosimetry with individual termoluminiscent dosimeters for legal persons, public persons and their institutions
Selected Organization: Valsts sabiedrība ar ierobežotu atbildību "Latvijas Vides, ģeoloģijas un meteoroloģijas centrs"
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In order for the Radiation Safety Centre of the State Environmental Service to perform radiation safety and nuclear safety monitoring and to ensure the control of the exposure of employees, as well as to ensure the unity of individual dosimetric measurements in the country, the LVGMC shall ensure the exchange of dosimeters in accordance with Article 7 of BOM Regulation No 1284 of 1 December 2013 on “Procedures for the control and accounting of occupational exposures”. and inform the Radiation Safety Centre of the State Environmental Service regarding the results of the individual dosimetric measurements performed.
Individual, Legal persons governed by public law, Private law legal persons
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