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Granting disadvantaged family (person) status
Selected Organization: Priekules novada pašvaldība
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A submission for the granting of the status of a disadvantaged family (person) may be submitted to the social service of the local government and a certified statement of such status may be received. A statement regarding the status of a disadvantaged family (person) shall be required in order to receive social assistance and relief, if such has been determined by the local government. A family (person) may be recognised as disadvantaged if its average income per member of the family per month does not exceed EUR 180,00 in the last three months and does not own cash stocks, securities or property (except as specified in the binding regulations of the local government), it has not entered into a nutrition contract.
A family (person) whose declared place of residence is the county of Priekle and whose average income per member of the family per month during the last three months does not exceed EUR 180,00.
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The decision of the social service may be contested by the municipality council of Priekules (Sun Street 1, Priekle, Priekules municipality, LV-3434) within one month from the date of its coming into force.
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Priekules novada pašvaldība
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