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Parental allowance
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Brief description:
Entitlement to parental benefit is one of the parents of a child or one of the adoptive care of the prior approval of adoption and monitoring of the Orphan's court decision to put the child to be adopted, foster family member who has entered into a contract with the local government, as well as the guardian or another person who, in accordance with a decision of the Orphan's court actually takes care of children and bringing up.
Parental allowance is granted to socially insured person who takes care of a child or more children born during one delivery, if this person is employed on the date the benefit is awarded (is considered as an employee or self-employed).
The allowance recipient may opt for the duration, and depending on the selected benefit duration is defined in the amount of benefit.
Parents, who works in the allowance recipient or acquires income as self-employed, the benefit is paid 30% million from the assigned amount of the allowance.
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Maximum period (in working days):
A decision regarding granting of parental benefit shall be adopted by the SSIA 10 days after receipt of all documents required for the granting of an allowance and other information.
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