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Establishment of a rental relationship
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Brief description:
The service is required in the following cases:
1) a change of the tenant has occurred;
2) the residential space in the total apartment has become vacant;
3) there has been a change in the status of the residential space;
4) arranging of the rental relationship (for example, a rental contract for the residential space has not been maintained, a rental contract for the residential space has been entered into without justification, a conversion has been performed in the residential area, etc.).
After receiving and examining the documents, a recommendation or an extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Riga City Council Residential Spaces Commission shall be issued to the client. Customer with the recommendation and/or statement received must refer to the specific residential house manager SIA “Riga House Manager” or SIA “Riga city builder” to establish or amend rental legal
relationship. In case the residential house is not managed by the Riga Housing Manager or the Riga City Building Company, the rental legal relationship with the customer is established or amended by the Riga City Council Housing and Environment Department.
Tenants of the residential space owned by or in the possession of the municipality of Riga.
Maximum period (in working days):
Consideration of the application - within one month, entering into a rental agreement in accordance with the Law On rental of residential spaces.
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Redress options
The only legal basis for the use of the residential space is the rental contract for the residential area. The rental contract shall be entered into within a month after the taking of the decision of the Commission for the rental of residential spaces.
Persons who have entered into without entering into a rental contract of a residential space may be evicted by a court judgment.
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