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Initial registration of medical practitioners and medical treatment support persons
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A medical practitioner and a medical treatment support person is entitled to work in the profession, if he or she has been registered in the Register of Medical Persons and Medical Aid Persons.

The following shall be registered in the register of medical practitioners and medical support persons:
• medical practitioners: doctors, dentists, nurses (nurses), midwives, doctor assistants (feldshers), dentist assistants, nurse assistants, cosmetic assistants, medical assistants, biomedical practitioners, magisterians, dental hymnists, physiotherapists, audiologists, ergotherapists, technical orthopays, optometrists, physiotherapist assistants, ergotherapist assistants, nutrition specialists, dental technicians podologists, radiograders, art therapists, military paramedics, beauty specialists (cosmetology) who have graduated from accredited educational programmes in Latvia and obtained a diploma in the profession;
- medical practitioners who have acquired professional qualifications in specialties, sub-specialties and supplementary specialties regulated by a doctor, sub-specialties of the dentist profession, general nursing, dentist or midwife professions abroad and for whom an adaptation period has been specified in accordance with the Law On Regulated Professions and Recognition of Professional Qualifications.

• medical practitioners: laboratory specialists, logopia specialists (teacher logopper, logophospice), biophysicist technicians, biophysicists, medical physicists, medical equipment engineers, prosthetic masters, genetics, professional health chaplains, solarium workers, health care statisticians statisticians, medical statisticians, medical practitioners' client and patient recorders, assistants of the standard treatment.

The term of initial registration in the register shall be five years from the day when a decision regarding the registration of a medical practitioner or a medical support person has been notified to a medical practitioner or a medical...
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1. a natural person who has obtained an education and professional qualification in the regulated profession in the field of health care;
2. a natural person directly involved in the provision of the healthcare process.
Maximum period (in working days):
The Health Inspectorate shall take a decision regarding the registration of a medical practitioner or a medical treatment support person or regarding the refusal to register a medical practitioner or a medical treatment support person within one month from the submission of all documents.
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Redress options
Decisions issued by national authorities in Latvia may be contested in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Law.
In accordance with the by-law of the Health Inspectorate, the decisions and actual action of the officials of the Health Inspectorate may be contested by submitting a relevant submission to the head of the Health Inspectorate (Klimans Street 7, Riga, LV-1012).
Persons who have acquired medical education in their home country - abroad, and plan to participate in the provision of the healthcare process in Latvia, in addition to submitting a document confirming the skills of the official language.
Persons who have obtained a medical education diploma more than five years ago shall in addition submit a document relating to a successful professional fitness check.
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