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The European Union and national area payments (direct payments)
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Area payments

The farmer payments of aid for areas shall be granted on agricultural land, if:
• it is the farmer’ s ownership or legal possession of the current year (use) on June 15;
• its minimum total eligible area of at least 1 ha, but each field (continuous plot of land cultivated with a single crop) area of at least 0,3 ha.

• Direct aid schemes for direct payments the farmer may apply the following:
1. The single area payment;
2. Payment for climate-friendly and environmentally friendly agricultural practices (Greening payment);
3. Small farmers scheme payment;
4. Payment for young farmers;
5. Voluntary coupled support for dairy cows;
6. Voluntary coupled support for goats;
7. Voluntary coupled support for bovine animals;
8. Voluntary coupled support for sheep;
9. Voluntary coupled support for protein crops;
10. Voluntary coupled aid for starch potatoes;
11. Voluntary coupled support for certified seed potatoes;
12. Voluntary coupled support on certified grass and fodder plant seed;
13. Voluntary coupled support for certified cereal seed;
14. Voluntary coupled support for barley;
15. Voluntary coupled support concerning spring swede rape and turnip rape;
16. Voluntary coupled support for the vegetables;
17. Voluntary coupled support for fruit and berries.

• rural development measures have the opportunity to apply for a farmer his holding four events in the area aid payments, which has more than one activity:
1. The measure „Commission Regulation EC and the climate” includes activities:
1.1. „Biodiversity maintenance of grassland”;
1.2. „Environment horticulture the application of environmentally friendly methods”;
1.3. „Field in the winter period”;
1.4. "Creating an environment friendly production of plants growing in the nectar."
2. The measure „Organic farming” includes activities:
2.1. „Payments to move to organic farming practices and methods”;
2.2. the „Payment for the preservation of organic farming practices and methods”.
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In accordance with the Rural Support Service Law, article 13, the Rural Support Service (Lada) adopted by the officials of administrative acts (decisions) can be contested and appealed in writing within one month from the date of entry into force by submitting an application.
If Single application will be submitted after the May 22, but not later than until 15 June, then the amount of aid is applied to the 1% reduction per working day of delay.
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