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Co-ordination and approval of the land survey project
Selected Organization: Rīgas valstspilsētas pašvaldība
Brief description:
During the development process of the land planning project, the City Development Department of Riga City Council shall take a decision regarding the necessity and conditions for the development of the project, on the basis of the submission of the initiator and the appended graphic annex thereto, determine the institutions and persons of the State and local government with which the project should be harmonised, if the project solutions affect their interests, attach a graphic annex to the decision, in which the project shall be represented in the project. the boundary of the territory covered, the requirements for the development of a graphic part in relation to the base of the cartographic material, may be required to specify the encumbrances of the immovable property object, it may be necessary to design access facilities for surface or underground communications, may lay down the additional conditions necessary for the development of the project.
Individual, Private law legal persons
Maximum period (in working days):
Within one month from the date of receipt of the application, if all the necessary documents have been submitted and they comply with the requirements of regulatory enactments.
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
Payment for  service step: A service charge
Payment for  service step: A service charge
Regulatory enactments:
Par nodevu par Rīgas domes Pilsētas attīstības departamenta izstrādāto oficiālo dokumentu un to apliecinātu kopiju saņemšanu
Prepayment differently (bank online, Latvian Post)
Mandatory Name of the position Unit Vienības cena bez PVN PVN The unit price VAT included
Lēmums par zemes ierīcības projekta apstiprināšanu
Zemesgabalam(-iem) ar kopējo platību līdz 1200 m2 Lēmums 34,15 EUR 0,00 EUR 34,15 EUR
Zemesgabalam(-iem) ar kopējo platību no 1201 m2 Lēmums 65,45 EUR 0,00 EUR 65,45 EUR
Service Price Lists
Service Price Lists
Par nodevu par RD Pilsētas attīstības dep.izstrādāto oficiālo dok.un to apliecinātu kopiju saņemšanu