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Registration of asenderers (municipality of Saldus)
Selected Organization: Saldus novada pašvaldība
Brief description:
Local governments register merchants (hereinafter - asensator) or operators of economic activity providing decentralised sewer services and who comply with the requirements specified in regulatory enactments, as well as in the binding regulations No 17 of the municipality of Saldus of 23 August 2018 on procedures for the provision and accounting of decentralised sewer services in the city of Saldus and Saldus municipality. requirements specified in the territories of the villages.
Private law legal persons
Maximum period (in working days):
Within 15 working days from the date of receipt. The application shall be deemed to have been received at the moment when all the documents specified in these binding provisions have been submitted
Process description
Documents and forms
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Documents to be submitted
Application for registration of asenders
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