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Browsing Thematic Cards of the State Land Service
Selected Organization: Valsts zemes dienests
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As part of the e-service, thematic cards created by the National Land Service (VZD) can be browsed as a separate slice of the map in the portal.
Thematic cards have an informative nature.

The e-service is available for free.

More detailed information on the service is available in the “Services” section of the website - > “Information Services” - > “Portal Services” - > “Browse Thematic Maps of the State Land Service”.
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The e-service is available to an identified person.
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Valsts zemes dienesta nolikums
(Ministru kabinets; noteikumi; 971; 12/24/2011)
Būvju kadastrālās uzmērīšanas noteikumi
(Ministru kabinets; noteikumi; 48; 1/26/2012)
Zemes pārvaldības likums
(Saeima; likumi; 1/1/2015)
Būvju klasifikācijas noteikumi
(Ministru kabinets; noteikumi; 326; 6/15/2018)
Kadastrālās vērtēšanas noteikumi
(Ministru kabinets; noteikumi; 103; 2/21/2020)
Adresācijas noteikumi
(Ministru kabinets; noteikumi; 455; 7/2/2021)
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Valsts zemes dienests
Information about service restored: 12.01.2023