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Opinion on the establishment of reduced safety and quality requirements for drinking water
Selected Organization: Veselības inspekcija
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In order to protect public health while applying the principle of proportionality, the Health Inspectorate shall assess the potential health effects of reduced water quality by issuing an opinion allowing the supply of water of reduced quality to the consumer for a specific period of time until corrective measures are taken. If drinking water does not comply with the requirements of the Regulations in the relevant geographical area but does not pose a threat to consumer health and that non-compliance cannot be rectified within 30 days, nor can it be otherwise ensured the supply of drinking water, the Health Inspectorate may prescribe water-reduced safety or quality requirements (hereinafter - special norms) for a period not exceeding three years.
A merchant (representative of food undertakings), a water supplier, a local government shall submit an application regarding the determination of special norms to the Health Inspectorate. The Health Inspectorate shall examine the submission and prescribe special norms by issuing an opinion regarding the risk to human health determined in the water supply system and the corrective measures to be taken. Prior to receipt of an opinion, the person shall submit to the Health Inspectorate a document confirming the payment of the State fee.
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Payment for  service step: Service requests
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”Noteikumi par valsts nodevu par atzinumu par ūdensapgādes sistēmā konstatēto apdraudējumu cilvēku veselībai un veiktajiem korektīvajiem pasākumiem
”Noteikumi par valsts nodevu par atzinuma sagatavošanu aizsargjoslas saskaņošanai ap ūdens ņemšanas vietām”
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Par atzinuma par ūdens apgādes sistēmā konstatēto apdraudējumu cilvēka veselībai un veiktajiem korektīvajiem pasākumiem sagatavošanu Atzinums 25,61 EUR 0,00 EUR 25,61 EUR
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Service Price Lists
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