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Environmental specifications
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Technical rules are necessary in order to meet the environmental requirements for the intended activity on its venue.
Any person
Environmental protection requirements laid down in the technical regulations shall be bound by a person who performs the operation.
The technical provisions shall be prepared and issued in accordance with the Law on Administrative Procedures Section 64 noeiktajiem deadlines.
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1. solis / Service requests
A person who intends to take action before the launch of the relevant written application shall be submitted by the State Environmental Service, the regional environmental board of the territory of which it is intended to carry out such activity.
Sign up for the intended activity may also electronically by completing online forms in the State Environmental Service unified environmental information system "tulips", identification of the single State and self-government services portal accessible personal means of identification. Link to IR "tulips":

Technical rules are necessary for the activities which, once the performance of an initial assessment does not require an environmental impact novertējums under „Act on Environmental Impact Assessment”, or the acts referred to in Cabinet of Ministers on 2015 January 27 of Regulation No 30, Procedures for the State Environmental Service shall issue technical regulations for the intended activity" in the Annex.

If the operation of the State Environmental Service has also been nominated to the regional environmental board of the original environmental impact assessment of the application of the technical provisions shall not be submitted.

If the transaction has been subject to an initial environmental impact assessment, the State Environmental Service shall prepare and regional environmental board shall issue technical regulations for 10 working days of receipt of the decision of the Environment State Bureau regarding the fact that the transaction does not require an environmental impact assessment.
If the transaction is carried out during the initial assessment and the intended activity are construction or involves construction activities, the Board shall issue technical regulations for 20 days after the construction intention documentation indicating the position of the planned construction, shipbuilding and construction administration, as well as building permits (copy).
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2. solis / Receipt of services
The service is received in accordance with the application of choice. When you receive an onsite presentation of a personal identification document or a token.
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