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Granting of a conditional construction permit for the construction of electronic communications networks
Selected Organization: Rīgas pilsētas pašvaldība
Brief description:
A construction permit is necessary for the construction of a new or refurbishment, demolition of an existing cable sewer or electronic communications network.
In order to receive a construction permit, a construction application and a construction project in a minimum composition shall be submitted to the Construction Information System (BIS). Cabinet Regulation No. 501, Procedures for the Construction, Construction and Supervision of Electronic Communications Networks, defines the minimum composition of the building design for each type of construction.
Individual, Legal persons governed by public law, Private law legal persons
Maximum period (in working days):
Within one month from the date of receipt of the request (if all necessary documents have been submitted and they comply with the requirements of regulatory enactments).
Process description
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
The service shall be received electronically in the Construction Information System (BIS).
Receipt of services documents required:
completed “Construction Application for an Electronic Communications Network” with the necessary attachments:
- the authority of the initiator of construction if the submitter of the design documentation does not have ownership, possession or usage rights;
- a construction project in a minimum composition.

In order to develop the necessary documents, the initiator of construction shall agree with the developer of the construction project in the relevant field of construction project regarding the development of the referred to documentation.
The Construction Board shall evaluate the documents submitted and take a decision within one month regarding the issue of the construction permit or the refusal to issue the construction permit.
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2. solis / A service charge
On the basis of Section 12, Paragraph one, Clause 10 of the Law On Taxes and Fees, Cabinet Regulation No. 480 'Regulations regarding the Procedures by which Local Governments may impose Local Government Fees' Paragraph 15 and Law No 147 'On Local Government Fees on Receiving a Construction Authorisation in Riga' on 12.05.2015 of the Riga City Council. to pay the local government fee for the receipt of a construction permit, the first part of the fee in the amount of 50% shall be paid after receipt of the construction permit within the time period specified in the notification regarding the fee. The second part of the fee in the amount of 50% shall be paid prior to the submission of documents to the Riga City Construction Board regarding the fulfilment of the design conditions included in the construction permit.
If the conditions of the construction permit are not fulfilled or the construction permit is not realised, the local government fee collected shall not be reimbursed.

The Properties:
Riga City Self-government
Reg. No. 90011524360
Latvian branch of luminor Bank AS
Account No. LV55RIKO0020100000003
3. solis / Receipt of services
Construction planning documents can be received electronically in the Construction Information System (BIS).
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