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Structure, cadastral survey of a group of premises with data registration/updating in the Cadastre information system
Selected Organization: Valsts zemes dienests
Brief description:
For a building/civil engineering/group of premises, the first-time cadastral survey shall be proposed in order to obtain up-to-date data on the building/civil engineering/group of premises on the day of the cadastral survey and to make a case for cadastral survey.

The data obtained as a result of a cadastral survey and recorded in the Cadastre Information System shall be used for the commissioning of the object, registration thereof in the Land Register, and for other purposes.

To scale up the building/engineering/group of premises, data are available that is relevant to the actual situation in the area. In accordance with the data obtained and the documents submitted, the Cadastre Information System shall register the text and spatial data, as well as calculate the cadastral value of the building/civil structure/group of premises.
Any person
Information regarding persons entitled to initiate a cadastral survey of a group of structures and spaces is available in the “Description of the process” field “Step 1/Request Service (1)”.
Maximum period (in working days):
- up to 25 d.d. - a building up to 5000 m3, a building corresponding to official secrecy status and a group of premises;
- up to 32 d.d. or upon a written agreement on a longer deadline - the building above the 5000 m3 and inženierbūvei.
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
Related Services
1. solis / Request a Service (1)
Service can be ordered:

1. the owner of a building or group of premises, if such is not the legal possessor, or the entitled building, if the non-residential building or engineering structure has been built on the basis of the building rights, which have been entered in the Land Register;
2. in the case of joint ownership, any of the owners of immovable property or, if there is one, legal holders or cadastre entities, in relation to the initial registration of a building and a group of premises in the Cadastre Information System without the right to propose the splitting, merging or the deletion of an entry regarding construction (including the structure registered in the Cadastre Information System with no right to suggest the deletion of the structure with part-time technical inventory data);
3. the owner of the land, in the case of buildings with unexplained ownership which are located on land owned by the owner of the land;
4. the person to whom such rights or obligations have been determined by the court;
5. a person who has recognised property rights by a court decision;
6. a person in whose application a sworn notary has expressed a desire to accept the succession, presenting a true copy of this submission;
7. a State institution or local local government, which has an obligation in the Law regarding the alienation of the relevant immovable property for the purposes of the company to enter the seized immovable property in the Land Register - in relation to the detached (alienable) and the remaining (non-alienable) real estate object;
8. the local government (if it is not a cadastre entity) to administer the estate tax;
9. another person to whom such rights are specified by law;
10. an authorised person of the persons mentioned above.
2. solis / Request a Service (2)
In order to receive a service, the following documents must be presented:

1. an application regarding the performance of cadastral survey works and the registration or updating of data in the Cadastre information system (the application may also be presented in person - in the customer service centre);
2. for new buildings: a document issued by the local government building boards or other institutions performing the functions of the building authority (for example, a statement, a construction permit) regarding a new building, specifying the legal basis for construction and the description of the new building;
3. the documentation of the design of construction (a construction design, an explanatory statement, a certificate), if it is at the disposal of the initiator and co-ordinated with the building authority;
4. a document certifying the acceptance of the work in service, if the work has been taken into service;
5. if documents certifying property rights have not been registered in the Cadastre Information System, submit one of the documents specified in the Law On the Recording of Real Estate in Land Registers, which certify the lawful acquisition of the building/group of premises;
6. if the structure/group of premises is an address object and the address is not registered in the State Address Register (the may be ascertained free of charge), submit the original of the local government decision regarding the granting, cancellation or change of the address or a derivative thereof (if such is at the disposal of the initiator);
7. a true copy of the application regarding the acceptance of the succession, if the person has expressed a wish to accept the inheritance in the application to a sworn notary;
Powers 8, if the initiator is an authorised person.
3. solis / Request a Service (3)
In addition to the documents, if they are presented to the disposal of the initiator:

1. documentation of the design of construction (building design, explanatory statement, proof card, etc.) in the case of both a new building and an existing building in the case of conversion or renewal;
2. a document regarding the taking into service of a building, if the building has been accepted into service;
3. the civil engineering passport and registration certificate, if regulatory enactments provide for the registration of the civil engineering structure;
4. a document issued or approved by other State or local government authorities (for example, information prepared in accordance with the procedures specified in the regulatory enactments regulating decisions, inquiries, construction and information approved by the local government building authority) containing indications regarding the figures for the size of the building, group of premises or premises, types of use, years of construction or commissioning;
5. a land border plan, a topographical plan, a situation plan or a performance document, prepared in accordance with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments, which graphically depicts the engineering structure in the unit of land and indicates its volume indicators (may be submitted in the format of a vector (DGN, DXF, SHP, DWG) without an electronic signature).
4. solis / Submit Request
Service can be ordered:

- by sending an electronic application signed with a secure electronic signature and time stamp to any electronic mail address or official e-mail address of the State Land Service (NCD) Customer Service (CAC). The submission shall be accompanied by electronically signed with the procedures specified in regulatory enactments have been drawn up electronic document that are necessary for the fulfilment of the service.
- in presence in any CAC of the SSD, presenting a personal identification document - passport or identity card (ID card). Where the service is requested by an authorised person, a mandate must be presented in addition;
- by post (the service will only be launched after verifying the identity of the individual in the CAC).
Joint Customer Service Centre of Ludza State and Local Government
Smiltenes Municipality Unified Customer Service Centre
The Unified Customer Service Centre of the State and Local Government of the Award
Tukuma county unitary state and local customer service centre
Unified Customer Service Centre of Bausk State and Local Government
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