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Structure, cadastral survey of a group of premises with data registration/updating in the Cadastre information system
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Brief description:
For a building/civil engineering/group of premises, the first-time cadastral survey shall be proposed in order to obtain up-to-date data on the building/civil engineering/group of premises on the day of the cadastral survey and to make a case for cadastral survey.

The data obtained as a result of a cadastral survey and recorded in the Cadastre Information System shall be used for the commissioning of the object, registration thereof in the Land Register, and for other purposes.

To scale up the building/engineering/group of premises, data are available that is relevant to the actual situation in the area. In accordance with the data obtained and the documents submitted, the Cadastre Information System shall register the text and spatial data, as well as calculate the cadastral value of the building/civil structure/group of premises.
Any person
Information regarding persons entitled to initiate a cadastral survey of a group of structures and spaces is available in the “Description of the process” field “Step 1/Request Service (1)”.
Maximum period (in working days):
- up to 25 d.d. - a building up to 5000 m3, a building corresponding to official secrecy status and a group of premises;
- up to 32 d.d. or upon a written agreement on a longer deadline - the building above the 5000 m3 and inženierbūvei.
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Redress options
State Land Service (hereinafter - the SLS note) officials of the regional administrative acts issued or actual action may be contested by submitting the SLS note addressed to the Director-General of the relevant application, at the regional chapter of the issuing administrative acts.
Ordering and receiving the documents prepared as a result of the SLS note customer service centre, to present personal identification document - Passport or identity card (ID card).
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