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The authorisation of the cultural monument, including state-owned antiques, the temporary export of and full of art and antique objects for export and temporary exportation from Latvia
Selected Organization: Nacionālā kultūras mantojuma pārvalde
Brief description:
Permits and certificates piece of art and antiques for export to foreign countries is needed to protect national cultural and historical values and prevent the exodus from Latvia.
Any person
Art or antique article owner (holder) a person or his plenipotentiary
Maximum period (in working days):
15 days after administration of the presented cultural object shall take a decision regarding the issuance of the permit of the cultural object or a refusal to issue a permit for the exportation of cultural objects.
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
Redress options
The decision regarding issuance of the permit or regarding refusal to issue a permit shall come into force from the time of notification recipient, and is one month of an application to the undisputed head of the Office (Riga, M.Pils iela 19, EN 1050).
Art and antiques have been exported from Latvia’ s only with the permission of the National cultural heritage.
The presentation of an authorization if the applicant is plenipotentiary person.
The permit shall be issued after the applicant has paid the State fee for issuance of the permit.
Administrative responsibility for the protection of cultural monuments of the violation of regulations in accordance with Article 89.6 of the Latvian Administrative Violations Code
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