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The issue of certificates
Selected Organization: Ārlietu ministrija
Brief description:
A natural person who resides abroad, may submit an application for obtaining a certificate from the Latvian representations abroad, on data from register of natural persons and RTSD registry.
Any person
Any person who resides in the foreign state
Maximum period (in working days):
This term does not include the time that documents required for dispatch by post, where the representation may provide such service.
Process description
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Related Services
1. solis / Submission of applications and payment
Specifies the data on any necessary enquiries or from the population register CSDD registry and are paid.
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E-service in The issue of certificates
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3. solis / Document receipt
Document receipt visits the Latvian representations abroad or by post, where the Latvian representative office in a foreign state may provide such services.
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Mail Document receipt
Adrese: Elizabetes iela 57, Rīga, LV-1050
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