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Covering the costs of implementing the general education programme for a private educational institution (Valmiera municipality)
Selected Organization: Valmieras novada pašvaldība
Brief description:
If a child learns general education in a private educational institution (hereinafter - Education Institution), which is located in the administrative territory of the municipality of Valmiera municipality and which implements the acquisition of a licensed and accredited general or special education programme in the form of presence, parents may apply for local government support to cover the costs of general education in a private educational institution.

Local government support in 2022 for one educatee who learns the general
whether a special education programme in a private educational institution is EUR 80,02 per month.

The local government aid shall be granted to an educatee if the place of residence of the educatee and at least one of his or her legal representatives has been declared in the administrative territory of Valmiera municipality.
Maximum period (in working days):
The Executive Director of the Local Government shall take a decision regarding the granting or refusal to grant such aid within one month, informing the lawful representative of the child and the private educational institution thereof in writing.
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One month in the municipality of Valmiera.
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