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Registration of educational institutions
Selected Organization: Izglītības kvalitātes valsts dienests
Brief description:
Education programmes may only be implemented by registered educational institutions. The service is provided to enable the educational institution to legally establish and implement educational programmes (exceptions are the institutions implemening only non-formal adult education or interest education programmes).
Individual, Any person, Legal persons governed by public law, Private law legal persons
Educational institutions may be founded by the State, local governments, State universities, a natural person, a legal person
Maximum period (in working days):
A decision regarding registration or refusal of an educational institution to register an educational institution shall be taken within one month from the time of submission of the application.
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Izglītības kvalitātes valsts dienests Amendments to the registration data of the educational establishment
Izglītības kvalitātes valsts dienests Vispārējās izglītības programmu licencēšana