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68-hour training course for first aid teachers
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In order to be a first aid teacher, according to Section 13 of Cabinet Regulation No. 557 of 14 August 2012, Regulations regarding Training in the Provision of First Aid, a natural person must acquire a training programme of 68 h, perform traineeships in the field of at least 90 h, pass a certification examination. The content of the 68-hour training programme for first aid teachers is specified in Annex 3 to Cabinet Regulation No. 557 of 14 August 2012, Regulations Regarding Training in Provision of First Aid. Training takes place for 8 days. The dates of training shall be set separately for each training group.
Any natural person wishing to be a first aid teacher shall be at least 18 years old and have obtained at least secondary education.
The service will be marketed within one month from the date of its announcement on THE NMPD website.
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To receive the service, you must pay the received invoice within the specified deadline.
The service is available only to the designated audience, the applicant must be identifiable.
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Noteikumi par apmācību pirmās palīdzības sniegšanā
(Ministru kabinets; noteikumi; 557; 8/30/2012)
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