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Certification of nurses, midwives, dental nurses, dental hygienists
Selected Organization: Latvijas Māsu Asociācija
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Granting of a medical practitioner certificate (hereinafter - certificate) after the successful passing of the certification examination, evaluating and certifying theoretical knowledge and practical skills of a medical practitioner in basic speciality, sub-speciality, supplementary speciality or the use of a medical or diagnostic method, if the use of the relevant medical or diagnostic method does not stem from regulatory enactments regulating the competence of a medical person.

The request for a service must be accompanied by a personal identification document.

The service is not provided unless all necessary documents have been submitted.
Nurses, midwives, dental nurses, dental hygienists
A decision regarding the granting of a certificate or refusal to grant a certificate shall be taken within three months from the date of receipt of the application. For objective reasons, the certifying authority may extend the time limit for the taking of the decision for a period of time.
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The decision of the Latvian Sister Association may be contested within a period of one month from the date of the coming into force of the decision by submitting the submission of the challenge to the Latvian Sister Association. The decision of the Ministry of Health may be appealed to the Administrative District Court.
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