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Temporary recognition of professional qualifications for work LR
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Doctors and dentists from EU countries can provide professional services on a temporary basis. If a citizen of the European Union wishes to provide temporary services with an EU professional qualification (in terms of limited duration, frequency and extent).
Doctors and dentists.
The Latvian Association of Physicians shall issue a permit for the provision of temporary professional services and the result of a qualification check and shall notify the declaration within one month from the date of receipt of the declaration and the documents attached thereto. If the provider of short-term professional services has not added all the necessary documents to the declaration or it is necessary to request additional information from his home country, the time limit for taking the decision may be extended in accordance with the procedures specified in the Administrative Procedure Law for a period not exceeding four months after receipt of the declaration.
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Direktīva 2005/36/EK
(Eiropas Savienība; direktīva; 0; 9/30/2005)
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(Saeima; likumi; 0; 10/1/1997)
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