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Profesional rehabilitation in Jūrmala Vocational Secondary School
Selected Organization: Sociālās integrācijas valsts aģentūra
Brief description:
After Professional assessment process working aged person with disability or anticipated disability or mental disorders can receive state-funded Professional rehabilitation service - to acquire a vocational education or skills program in Jūrmala Vocational Secondary School.
As a part of the Profesional rehabilitation service, a person is provided with the necessary multidisciplinary support measures to improve his or her professional skills, professional qualifications and work abilities, as well as to strengthen abilities and motivation by integrating person into the labor market and society.
People with disabilities.
The duration of the service depends on the clients’ individual abilities, the field of education, and on the level of education and qualification to be acquired.
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Redress options
Administrative acts made by officials of the Agency and their practical actions can be appealed by submitting an application to the Agency Director. The Director's decision on administrative acts and practical actions taken by officials of the Agency can be appealed by turning to the Ministry of Welfare and to the court.
1) A personal identification document – a passport or ID card – should be presented in person in order to request the service provision;
2) The conclusion of persons family doctor (U27) must be submitted. The conclusion must have been issued not earlier than one month before it is submitted in the Social Integration State Agency;
3) Original documents should be presented when submitting copies of the documents (for instance, educational documents).
1) If the application is anonymous, it will not be considered;
2) If the submitted documents fail to comply with the Cabinet Regulations No 94 adopted 21 February 2017, the service will be denied.
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