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List of companies using certain criteria (by NACE classification, form of commercial activity, territory)
Selected Organization: Centrālā statistikas pārvalde
Brief description:
On the economically active statistical units shall provide the following information: tax payer registration number, number, name, form of commercial activities, office address, or operating site address, the classification of the administrative territory (if any), telephone, fax (if any), the main economic activity, employees, the company’ s liquidation sign and date.
Any person
Both natural and legal persons
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To make a request for information indicating the period for which the necessary information. The submission shall indicate the applicant 's name, surname (legal persons - name, VAT registration number and bank details), place of residence (legal address), the phone. The applicant must be the signature. It is desirable to show you the desired method of payment - or pay you cash or non-cash settlement CSP information centres, or via bank, as well as the preferred mode of receipt - by post or LR CSP information centres.
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