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Out-of-family care (Long-term social care and social rehabilitation institution)
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Brief description:
A child care institution - an institution in which social care and social rehabilitation are provided for orphans or children left without parental care, as well as children in need of social rehabilitation or special care due to their state of health.
1. It is possible to receive out-of-family care in a long-term social care and social rehabilitation institution if it is not possible to provide out-of-family care to a child with a guardian or a foster family, or if care is not appropriate for a particular child or in a foster family, and if:
1.1. the parents of the child have died;
1.2. the parents of the child have been suspended or deprived of custody rights;
1.3. the parents of the child have requested the child to provide out-of-family care due to their state of health;
1.4. the mother of the newborn child has requested, if she has no means of subsistence or shelter, the mother shall be admitted to the childcare institution together with the child for a period of time while she is breastfeeding the child;
1.5. due to the health status of the child, the parents have asked the child to provide out-of-family care because the child cannot be cared for.
2. Upon the request of a parent, the local government shall immediately ensure the care of the child in a child care institution or other premises adapted to the short-term care of children, if the parent has fallen ill with Covid-19 and is in a medical treatment institution and it is not possible to ensure the self-isolation and care of the child with relatives or other persons close to the child.
In the referred to case, the Orphan's Court shall take a one-person decision regarding the provision of childcare, on the basis of a submission from the parent. This decision shall be terminated by the Orphan's Court alone after the recovery of the parent.
An orphan or a child left without parental care.
Maximum period (in working days):
An application shall be examined within a period of one month if, for objective reasons, the referred to time period cannot be observed, the Orphan's Court may extend it in accordance with the procedures specified in Section 64 of the Administrative Procedure Law (for a period not exceeding four months from the date of submission of the application, but in the case of a long-term establishment of facts - up to a year).
Process description
Other information
Redress options
Prior to taking a decision regarding the out-of-family care of a child, the Orphan's Court shall prepare a written report regarding the activities performed in order to provide the child with adequate care with the guardian or in a foster family, the relevant report shall be updated, depending on the child's age, within the specified period.

The decision shall be taken at the meeting of the Orphan's Court and shall be notified to the parties.
The Orphan's Court shall draw up the decision in writing and send the transcript thereof to the participant in the administrative process within 10 working days after the taking of the decision. A true copy of the decision can also be received in person at the Riga Orphan's Court.
1. The head of the institution (guardian of the child placed in the institution) shall submit a settlement regarding the management of the property to the Orphan's Court by 1 February each year, as well as at the end of the guardianship.
2. In order for the Orphan's Court to decide on the termination of out-of-family care in the institution, the head of such court must submit a settlement regarding the management of the child's property.
3. The Orphan's Court, not less than once a year, shall inspect the care of a child placed in a long-term social care and social rehabilitation institution.
4. The Orphan's Court shall ascertain at least once a year the composition and state of the property of the person in the out-of-family care.
The Orphan's court decisions and actual action may be appealed to the Law on Administrative Procedure, by submitting an application with the procedures specified in the district administrative court in the courtroom at the declared place of residence or real estate locations. The person who is in the prison shall submit the application to the court at the address of the prison. An applicant who does not have an address in the Republic of Latvia shall submit the application to the Riga courthouse of the Administrative District Court on Baldones Street 1A, Riga, LV-1007.
Laws and regulations
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