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Register services of pharmacists and pharmacist assistants
Selected Organization: Latvijas Farmaceitu biedrība
Brief description:
A pharmacist and pharmacist's assistant who works in a pharmacy shall register with the Latvian Pharmacist Society.
The Latvian Pharmacist Association shall register pharmacists and pharmacist assistants and shall ensure that registered pharmacists and pharmacist assistants issue a registration certificate and registration certificate-brooch.
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Pharmacists and pharmacist assistants
Maximum period (in working days):
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service requests
1. In order to register in the register of pharmacists and pharmacist assistants, the person must submit the following documents:
1.1 the registration application has been completed, the application must have been signed and with the date;
1.2. a copy of the passport, presenting the original;
1.3. a copy of the diploma, presenting the original;
1.4. a copy of the marriage certificate (or a copy of another document certifying the change of surname), presenting the original - if the surname of the diploma differs from the current one;
1.5. a statement from the workplace (if more than one pharmacy works, the information must also be submitted from the other pharmacies in which it is currently working). The statement must contain:
- first name, surname;
- personal identity number;
- the exact name of the pharmacy (according to the name shown on the licence);
- the date from which and the position in which he or she is employed;
- the date of issue of the statement, the signature and transcript of the issuer;
1.6. a copy of the working book, presenting the original (although the legal use of the working books has expired, it is the only real document attesting professional seniority; the length of service may be certified by statements from previous workplaces);
1.7. a copy of the pharmacy licence in order to be able to ascertain precisely the name of the undertaking and the pharmacy;
1.8. a copy of the official language proficiency certificate, presenting the original, if the education has been obtained in a language other than Latvian;
1.9. two colour photographs 3 x 4 cm;
1.10. EUR 35.57 (may be paid by means of a transfer, but registration will take place only after receipt of the payment).

2. The pharmacist and pharmacist's assistant have a duty, if the information provided by him or her has changed, to submit a completed application to the Latvian Pharmacist Association for registration of changes within 15 working days from the day of making the changes.

When requesting a service in person, a personal identification document (passport or identity card) must be produced. An application sent by e-mail and an employer's statement must have been signed with a secure electronic signature, accompanied by a time stamp.
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2. solis / Receipt of services
The decision on registration in the register of LFB pharmacists and pharmacist assistants, the registration certificate and the certificate - pinned by the pharmacist and the pharmacist's assistant may be obtained at THE LFB office on presentation of the identity document
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On the spot Latvian Pharmacist Society
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3. solis / Fee
- Registration of pharmacist and pharmacist's assistant EUR 35.57
- annual register maintenance fee of EUR 3.56
- registration of changes EUR 1.42
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