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Statement on the Drug Advertising Seminar
Selected Organization: Veselības inspekcija
Brief description:
The service shall provide the possibility, if seminars, conferences, congresses, contests, exhibitions and other events are organised, in which medicinal products are advertised, to organised or advertising donors of the event, if the advertiser is not the organiser of the events, to submit information to the Health Inspectorate, indicating the organiser of the measure, the sponsor, the advertising donor of medicinal products, the circle of participants invited the location and time of the measure, as well as the description of the programme of the measure, in electronic form.
Any person
Pharmaceutical business operators.
Maximum period (in working days):
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Process description
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Related Services
1. solis / Service requests
On the portal, select and perform an e-service “Communication to the Health Inspectorate on Pharmaceutical Activities” (to make the e-service available, the user authenticates with a secure electronic signature smart card, electronic identification card (eID) or his or her own internet banking authentication features):
1. In the proposed list of types of notification, select “Product Advertising Seminar”;
2. Complete the information concerning the notifier;
3. Information should be provided on the promotional seminar for medicinal products
4. The content of the notified statement must be checked and submitted to the Health Inspectorate.

Information regarding the promotional workshop for medicinal products may also be submitted to the Health Inspectorate by completing a questionnaire on the website of the Inspectorate:
Documents to be submitted
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2. solis / Receipt of services
An e-service to be available, the user authenticates your smart card with a secure electronic signatures, electronic identification cards (eID), or your online banking authentication agents.
The applicant shall receive confirmation of the submission of the notification.
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