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Social rehabilitation
Selected Organization: Sociālās integrācijas valsts aģentūra
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The Social Integration State Agency provides social rehabilitation services. Social rehabilitation is a set of activities that help to learn how to cope with functional impairments, restore or acquire skills that were lost due to various circumstances, help people to return to work and engage in social activities. It includes the development of an individual social rehabilitation plan, training in the area of the environment adaptation and aids to improve mobility and independent life skills.
Individuals of working age (from the age of 15 years until the retirement age) with disability, individuals with functional impairments who are employed, politically repressed individuals, members of the national resistance movement, participants in the rectification of the consequences of the accident at the Chernobyl Atomic Electric Power Station, etc.
The duration of the social rehabilitation service is from 10 to 21 days. Please check detailed information -
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1. solis / Request the service
In order to apply for social rehabilitation funded by the state budget, an individual should attend a physician and apply to the municipal social service where the individual has a registered place of residence – first, the general practitioner or attending physician should issue a certificate stating the following: diagnosis codes according to the International Classification of Diseases ICD-10; whether there are medical contraindications to receive social rehabilitation services. Individual rehabilitation plan is developed by attending physician for individuals with anticipated disability. A certificate issued by a physician should be presented to the municipal social service of the municipality where the individual has a registered place of residence. You should have a personal identification document. Individuals who had been persecuted for political reasons and victims of the Chernobyl disaster need a copy of the document attesting their status. You should write an application to the social service with the request to provide social rehabilitation services funded by the state. A social service specialist will assess the self-care, mobility and household life-associated abilities for individuals with functional impairments. Social service specialists will assess the application and decide whether state-funded social rehabilitation services should be provided. If the decision is positive, the social service will send it to SIVA with all necessary documents attached. After the evaluation of the documents, SIVA will send the individual a decision on inclusion in the waiting list or the decision to provide state-funded social rehabilitation services on an urgent basis. Prior to the rehabilitation course, SIVA will send a decision on service provision to the service receiver. It will contain the information about the beginning of the rehabilitation course and other necessary information. You should get a certificate from your general practitioner (form No 27/u) before the rehabilitation course. Important: the certificate should not be older than one month prior to the beginning of the rehabilitation course. You should present the following documents when registering at SIVA: your passport; certificate issued by your general practitioner (form No 27/u); for individuals with anticipated disability – conclusion of the State Medical Commission for Assessment of Health Condition and Working Ability attesting the status and individual rehabilitation plan; for foreigners – also the residence permit.
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2. solis / Receiving the service
Receiving the service depending on the individual needs.
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