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Psychological counselling of children with disabilities
Selected Organization: Rīgas valstspilsētas pašvaldība
Brief description:
The aim of the service is to assess the cognitive capacity of children, the emotional sphere and, on the basis of an assessment, to promote children's emotional management, management skills, to develop communication and communication skills, and to promote social inclusion in children with mobility and developmental disabilities.
Vaucher means that the client may choose a psychologist himself, provided that the psychologist complies with the requirements of the Psychologist Law and is registered in the Psychologist Register.
Children of the municipality of Riga with functional disorders/special needs, including genetic diseases (e.g. autism). Parents in children with disabilities

In order to receive a social service to a person:
1. have declared his main residence in the administrative territory of the municipality of Riga;
2. according to the assessment of the individual needs and resources of a person performed by the social work specialist of Riga Social Service, a social service is required.
No more than 10 consultations per client.
Process description
Other information
1. solis / Enquiry step
A social services person or his or her lawful representative shall request from the Social Service of Riga.
In order to receive a social service, a person or his or her lawful representative shall present a personal identification document and submit to the Social Service of Riga:
1. an application specifying the problem and its preferred solution;
2. other documents, if they are necessary for taking a decision on the granting of an appropriate social service.

You can call 67105048, 25770080 or 80005055 in the Social Service Territorial Centre.

By mail (the application must be signed manually), by signing with a secure electronic signature, or
also using an e-address.
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An e-service in authorities home page E-address of the Welfare Department of Riga City Council
On the spot Riga Social Service
Adrese: Baznīcas iela 19/23, Rīga, LV-1010
Other contact details: Tālrunis:  25770080; 67105048; 80005055;

Rīgas Sociālā dienesta teritoriālie centri:
Teritoriālajā centrā „Avoti”
Avotu ielā 31 k-2
Teritoriālajā centrā „Krasts”
Aiviekstes ielā 14
Teritoriālajā centrā „Daugava”
Aglonas ielā 35 k-1
Teritoriālajā centrā „Pļavnieki”
Salnas ielā 2
Teritoriālajā centrā „Āgenskalns”
E. Smiļģa ielā 46
Teritoriālajā centrā „Dzirciems”
Baldones ielā 2
Teritoriālajā centrā „Bolderāja”
Mežrozīšu ielā 43
Teritoriālajā centrā „Imanta”
Imantas 8. līnijā 1 k-2
Teritoriālajā centrā „Vidzeme”
Vidrižu ielā 1A
Brīvības gatvē 266
Teritoriālajā centrā „Purvciems”
Ieriķu ielā 2B
Pērnavas ielā 1
Teritoriālajā centrā „Ziemeļi”
Hanzas ielā 7
Working hours
By phone
67105048; 80005055;
2. solis / Pay step
Riga Social Service pays for a psychologist's service of EUR 30,00 per consultancy and a maximum of 10 per client. (if the counseling of a psychologist costs more than EUR 30,00, the difference shall be borne by the client from his own resources).
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3. solis / The step
After receiving all the documents, within one month the Social Service of Riga takes a decision regarding the granting or refusal of social service.
The social service applicant shall be informed of the decision taken.
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On the spot Baltic Social Assistance Foundation
Adrese: Lāčplēša iela 27 - 9, Rīga, LV-1011
Tālrunis: 29102920
Other contact details: Kontaktpersona - Ilze Reinfelde, 29102920