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Safe Environment Family Service
Selected Organization: Rīgas valstspilsētas pašvaldība
Brief description:
The purpose of the Secure Family Environment Service is to provide care for children declared in the non-family environment in the Riga State city municipality, aged 0 to 3 years, with the maximum reduction of the time when the child is in a long-term social care and social rehabilitation institution. The service includes child care in a safe family environment, assessment of child needs, provision of support and health services, according to Munich functional diagnostics and training for families hosting a child.
A child aged up to 3 years has been declared at the State Social Care Centre “Riga” or the Riga Municipal Children and Youth Centre, for which the parent Riga Orphan's Court has to take or have taken a one-on-one or collegial decision regarding the termination of custody rights.
The service is provided immediately.
Process description
Other information
1. solis / Enquiry step
The secure gimene environmental service shall be provided on the basis of a decision of the Orphan's Court of Riga and in accordance with the co-operation agreement entered into with the Riga Social Service, the Orphan's Court, the State Social Care Centre “Riga”.

The service shall be provided at the residence of the foster families involved in the provision of the service.
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2. solis / Pay step
According to RD Regulation 3, Procedures for Receiving and Payment of Social Services provided by the municipality of Riga. Point 146 (18), the Secure Family Environment Service is paid from the budget resources of the municipality of Riga, without assessing the income and material status of the person (household).
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3. solis / The step
The service provider, after receiving the information, shall co-ordinate the opinion with the families involved in the provision of the service and inform the Orphan's Court of Riga regarding the participation of families in the Secure Family Environment Service and the possibility of ensuring the immediate care of the child in the family.
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