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Coordination of economic activities in the Lake Buriers (municipality of Valmiera municipality)
Selected Organization: Valmieras novada pašvaldība
Brief description:
Vessels and watercraft which are used for the performance of any kind of economic activity shall be permitted to use for the navigation of lakes upon receipt of the consent of the local government.

It is the duty of the performer of economic activity to ensure that vessels and watercraft, as well as any other user of leased equipment, are instructed regarding safety requirements, as well as to control compliance with the regulations.
Any person
During one calendar month.
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service request step
The performer of economic activity shall be required to submit a submission to the local government for the receipt of a local government co-ordination, adding a description regarding the planned economic activity and the place thereof, a copy of the registration certificate of the vessel.
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Valmieras novada Valsts un pašvaldību vienoto klientu apkalpošanas centru kontaktinformācija
2. solis / Receipt of services a step
The local government shall issue a co-ordination for the performance of economic activities in Lake Burnett.
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