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Official statistical forms
Selected Organization: Centrālā statistikas pārvalde
Brief description:
The service shall enable respondents to familiarise themselves with official statistical forms, as well as to clarify the forms to be submitted to the Central Statistical Bureau, their periodicity and the date of submission.
Any person
Within the time limit specified in the form
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Clarify forms for official statistics and forms to be submitted by the respondent
On the home page of the Central Statistical Bureau, the heading “Respondents”/“ Forms Catalogue” makes available official statistical forms that are used to provide official statistics.
What forms must be submitted, for which periods and deadlines can be found in the “My forms” section of the EDV -
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2. solis / To complete and submit forms for the Central Statistical Bureau
The central statistical management forms may be completed and submitted electronically in the EDV system.
Documents to be submitted
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