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Granting access rights to the State Forest Register
Selected Organization: Valsts meža dienests
Brief description:
Access rights to the State Forest Register shall be granted on the basis of an agreement concluded with the State Forest Service. The right of access to the forest owner shall be allowed to submit an application for tree felling, a statement regarding felling of trees or a report regarding economic activity performed, as well as to obtain different reports on forest property. In addition, if the right of use has been granted at the level of the information system - it is possible to submit forest inventory data for registration in the State Forest Register. Access rights enable the user of the hunting right to submit hunting agreements entered into with the forest owners for registration, to view up-to-date information about the hunting station and to download its cartographic information. The right of access gives the suppliers of forest reproductive material the opportunity to submit annual reports on material production and trade, submissions, approvals and other information to the State Forestry Service online.
Forest owner, legal possessor, authorised person thereof, user of hunting rights
Maximum period (in working days):
Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service request
• Presence - the submitter arrives in one of the forestry districts of the State Forest Service and submits a submission, presenting personal identification documents;

• E-mail - the submitter shall send an application signed with a secure electronic signature and information regarding the entering into of a contract of the National Forest Service Geographical Information System to the e-mail address:
Documents to be submitted
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On the spot
VMD Aluksne Forestry
VMD Babite Forestry
VMD Balvi Forestry
VMD Bauska Forestry
VMD Cherry Forestry
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2. solis / Preparation and conclusion of the contract
• Presence - a contract on the use of the Geographical Information System of the State Forest Service between the commissioning party and the State Forest Service shall be prepared and signed.

• E-mail - after sending the necessary information, a draft contract is prepared and further steps are provided for signing it.
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3. solis / Receipt of services
Within 10 days of signing the contract the State Forest Register is sending the access properties (user name and password) to the persons specified in the service application.
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