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Registration of land in the State Register of Forests, which is not registered as a forest in the State Cadastre Information System of Real Estate
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In order to register in the State Forest Register land that is not registered as a forest in the State Real Estate Cadastre Information System, but complies with the object of the Forest Law, the State Forest Service will adjust the configuration of the external border free of charge, among other things. forest premises. When specifying the forest boundary configuration, no new plots are created and the composition of the added space must correspond to the adjacent plot, unless the total area to be added is up to 0.3 ha. In cases where a new plot is registered, a certified forest inventory taker should be contacted.
Individual, Private law legal persons
Forest owner or authorised person
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Process description
Documents and forms
Other information
1. solis / Service request
• Presence - the submitter arrives in one of the forestry offices of the State Forest Service and submits documents;

• Mail - the submitter sends the documents by post to one of the forestry offices of the State Forest Service;

• Electronically - the submitter shall send documents signed with a secure electronic signature to the official electronic mail address of the selected forestry or e-adress.

Necessary documents: an application in free form or an application form developed by the State Forest Service.
Documents to be submitted
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2. solis / Collecting and preparing data on the site
The forest scientist shall perform an area inspection with a survey on nature and a forest stand measurement. Information shall be prepared for registration in the State Forest Register.
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3. solis / Recording of data in the State Forest Register
The information shall be registered in the Forest State Register and sent to the State Land Service
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